Inspired by the millennia-old Bavarian-Italian connection, ACQUA DI BAVIERA stands for a new perfume culture from Bavaria. In an exclusive collection, Italian ambience merges with Bavarian tradition to create a unique world of fragrances. Stylish products full of elegance underline the essence of the Bavarian "dolce vita" attitude to life. The products are manufactured exclusively in Bavaria, true to the motto "origin has a future". The five product lines include classic perfumes, liquid soaps, body care and high-quality scented candles, room fragrances and accessories and each embody an unmistakable attribute of Bavaria.

Our collections meet the highest standards

Gerald from Hamburg

Great scents delivered super fast. With a handwritten card. It doesn't get any better!

Elke from Munich

A really nice packaged perfume with a personal, handwritten card in the package. A wonderful scent. I get asked about it often.